Happy Hour & iPhones

April 16, 2011


New 2012 Volkswagen Beetle?

April 4, 2011

animation.53 dandruff

February 1, 2010



September 14, 2009

Illustrations I did to promote Florida Tourism.

animation.22 mustache

February 1, 2009


January 26, 2009

A cartoon I made entitled, “Sunny Day”.


January 13, 2009

Challenge.16 Dubble Bubble

October 13, 2008

why does a man climb a mountain? probably for the same reasons he tries to fit 119 pieces of dubble bubble in his mouth. created with mark bielik, check out his stuff http://fleshforks.com


October 6, 2008
I once took out my rage after losing a ping pong match by making this on the victors desktop.

I delt with my rage after losing a vicious ping pong match by making this on the victor’s over foldered desktop.


September 16, 2008

During my freshman year of college me and some friends went to go see the Old 97’s. I can’t quite recall if we ate before or after the show, but some how we ended up at a premiere eating establishment, Jack in the Box. Now this story takes place at the very end of the 90’s in Denton, TX. Emo was very popular at the time. Lots of kids, including my buddy Chad wore big thick Buddy Holly glasses. Also as a sign of rebellion the first week of school I went and got my lipped pierced (it hurt). But getting back to the “Box”. As we enter there was an old black man. He notices my lip ring and starts to tell me that I’m a freak and how back in the day I would have been hanged and so forth. After his rant he looks to my friend Chad in his big black glasses and says,”Your a nerd.” Looks back at me, “Your a freak and Your (at Chad) a Nerd.” No sooner than he has called Chad a nerd twice. Than an emo kid with even thicker blacker glasses walks in… The old man moaned oh so slightly and then shouted out, “Where am I ?… Nerd city!”